Malory - Third Face full album preview

Monday, June 13, 2005

Malory is shoegaze at its best, with shimmering guitars and breathy vox.The Third Face is another excellent album. If you love shoegaze or dreamy techno pop in anyway, this album is for you. There is a full album preview on their site under the "release" section. Official malory website

The album is of course available at your favourite shoegazer pusher tonevendor.


Anonymous Jurg said...

Phat phat phat album, nice site on dreampop as well - keep it up! Good choice of pictures I can tell you are graphic artist :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best album since Slowdive - Souvlaki !!! Intricate layers of sound and the vocals are sung by angels.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malory is the best band since the "original scene" in the early nineties. Look out for all the american and canadian bands as well, shoegazing has grown out of proportions over there.


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