SK telecom MoMu (*****)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Im am totally blown away by this website. It takes quite a bit of your time and patience, but its all worth it, I promise. Spend time on it!!! The company info bit brought me to tears. Stunning!!! Dont miss the Kids section either....If someone knows anything about production details - time/# of team members etc. I'd love to hear from you.

Hats of for Sk Telecom MoMu >


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, this is def a years best.mindblowing work


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sicko sicko sicko I've never seen a website this complex and detail oriented ever !


Anonymous kimee said...

This is site that provides informations about telephone, mobile,. etc from Korean mobile company "SK telecom". "SK" is like "BT" or "Vodaphone" in korea.

They are spending lots of money on website to promote company images and give a correct understanding on this industry(mobile, newtwork.)

also to explain easy to children, they had lots of efforts to that. as today's children is future customers.^^

if u want to more informaitons contact to me.^^


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