Loveless Music Group presents Ulrich Scnauss

Sunday, December 11, 2005

New Yorkers!....sheets of guitars, giddy loops, propulsive beats, and sonic bliss, what better way to celebrate new years. Ulrich Schnauss + Mahogany + Project Skyward + Autumn Thieves at The Knitting Factory - Friday 30 December!!! You donĀ“t want to miss this.

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Blogger Hydro74 said...

i love mahogany. you should check out the band 'portal' somewhat the same style

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And - readymade, hammock, auburn lull, epic 45 and malory :)


Blogger Hydro74 said...

auburn lull is a amazing. you probably already been there, but is a great label. one benefit is that they put mp3 samples up so you can check out the band and shift through the good and not so good.


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