Daysleepers, NYC

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Just got a mail from Jeff telling me about his mighty fine shoegazer act Daysleepers. Layers upon layers of shimmering guitar effects. Beautiful male/female vocals that drift in and out of thick walls of sound.

Oh, while I'm at it - I cant believe I missed this: Slowdive in web !!!! I promise to lock myself up down in the dark basement with no food for a week. Also Slowdive's "Some Velvet Morning" is right here if you only got the european version of the greatest album ever released.

AND - if you are living in London (lucky *ucks) make sure to check out SONIC CATHEDRAL > Alan McGee!! plays a set after the show.

Ah - Dont forget about the Daysleepers now > and then spend some ca$h >


Blogger Ripsey said...

I <3 Slowdive too...


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