Midlake - Roscoe mp3 and lyrics (*****)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

After a chuggy bit of Fleetwood Mac-ish keyboard vamping, we find ourselves abruptly in the middle of an unfathomable tale involving stonecutters, mountaineers, and an odd sense of displacement in both time and space. As difficult as it is to get grounded here lyrically, I feel myself completely embraced musically, and this is I believe one of pop music's most wondrous gifts: the capacity to juxtapose accessible music with mysterious lyrics (just as powerful a combination, I think, as the more often discussed idea of setting sad lyrics to happy music)(via fingertipsmusic.blogspot.com)

The splendid "Roscoe" mp3 >

Lyrics to go >


Anonymous Mathias said...


Great song, loving each second!

Blogger Hydro74 said...

damn good. thanks!!!

Blogger Michael said...

I'm not sure EXACTLY what it is, but from the moment I heard Roscoe, it became my song of the decade...something about the relentless pace of the melody line, not sure... but fantastic...



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