The Thunderer’s New Face

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Times of London rolls out a new typeface, Times Modern, and a few other design changes, including a redrawn insignia in the nameplate. Art directed by Neville Brody.

Some elegance is lost during the process I think, but then again - I have not seen it "live" yet. I've also learned to let redesigns grow a bit on me over time.

Of the new typography, David Driver, head of design for The Times, writes:

-"The Times Modern introduced today allows a better shaped headline with extra characters per line. This allows for more articulation in the process of writing. The change is not reckless impulse, but reading conditions for many people have become less leisurely. Newspaper typography should evolve to meet technological innovations and The Times is once again at the sharp end."

Also - way to go Bergens Tidende! (AOE)

Read more on the "new" Times
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