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Sunday, February 04, 2007

If youre into shoegaze, indie, sing/song, slowcore etc, or proper music so to speak this is utterly the best website on the interweb. The daily downloads section is just too much to handle, and the archives....phhh... I love u man, I really do.

-What is shoegaze you say? Head on over to k10k for ornaments and such.

Start downloading Gbs of music from "daily downloads" now »

Music tip for hipsters: Asobi Seksu album:Citrus and Destroyer album:Rubies and NAS song:Let there be light

Finally got around to see Babel and Blood Diamond. Excellent films yo. That Jennifer Connelly is got to be the most beautiful woman alive.

As I am buying a flat these days I like to peek here now and again to see whats new on the Glam Rock Chandelier scene.

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