Apartment Therapy n doing the unstuck

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ahhh...mo..uuuuuoooooohhhh..... When listening to The Cure's "doing the unstuck" today it just struck me that this must without doubt be their best song ever? Bit unda'rated dontchathink? Pump it up, grab your girlfriend and have a proper spin in the kitchen. Lifes all gooooooooooooooh..

it's a perfect day for kiss and swell
for rip-zipping button-popping kiss and well...
there's loads of other stuff can make you yell
let's get happy!
it's a perfect day for doing the unstuck
for dancing like you can't hear the beat
and you don't give a further thought
to things like feet
let's get happy!

kick out the gloom
kick out the blues
tear out the pages with all the bad news
pull down the mirrors and pull down the walls
tear up the stairs and tear up the floors
oh just burn down the house!
burn down the street!
turn everything red and the beat is complete
with the sound of your world
going up in the fire
it's a perfect day to throw back your head
and kiss it all goodbye!

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