2 x Senior Designers (interactive) wanted badly!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A small update (more to come) at frozentoy dot com »

More important - Apt is looking for 2 Senior Designers and one Senior Flashdeveloper to join us at our offices in Oslo, Norway. You have a portfolio that looks like Jennifer Connely and you have a deep and profound love for your work.

You behave like Sean Connery in Bond, and have a positive attitude towards life and business. Come join us making sparkling interactive work during daytime and drink chablis and BBQ at nightime. Date norwegian girls and live in the best country in the world (YES, all true!) We will of course help out finding a place to live and sort out all the paperwork.

Full descriptions here, APPLY NOW! »

We are going to OFFF Lisbon for a week now! See you there....
Frozentoy dot com - Graphic Designer Eric Lauritzen »


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