Pasteis de Nata ( *** spectaculare!! *** )

Friday, August 08, 2008

If youve ever been to Portugal I am sure you know what I am talking about. Once you had a little bite there is absolutely no turning back. Forget nicotine and heroine you know nothing about true addiction yet.

These little motherfuckers come and visit you at night, they whistle at you, whispering your name softly when you go past them. You daydream about them and you would happily swap your mum for just one more bite. Sex, food and sleep becomes less important and all you can think of is when you will be fortunate enough to visit a Pasteleria again. But there is hope. DIY has never been this importanté.

Pasteis de Nata I »
Pasteis de Nata II »
Pasteis de Nata III »
Pasteis de Nata IV »


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Olá! Sou da terra dos pasteis de nata! Gosto muito do teu blog!

Blogger Aquela que procura Oz said...

Don't go to any "pastelaria"... Pastéis de Belém is the best! They've been baking pastés de nata since 1837 and their recipe is unique and a secret well kept.

Anonymous wholesale china said...

Gosto muito do teu blog!
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Anonymous cheap viagra said...

oh lalala este pastel de nata hace que se me pare el cacho de la emoción, yo era pastelero sabes ? me echaron porque me encantaba llenar a las clientes con mi crema pastelera

Anonymous Jack said...

Wow great stuff!

Anonymous hcg said...

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