TypeNeu, From Keetra and OFFF 09

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pofffh! Autumn and concentration is peaking. The next 4 months are cold and dark, perfect for making the best graphic piece in your career, before bbqs, parklife, wakeboarding, beachlife and strawberries make computer time a total waste. Get some insp now before spring time gets u, just like the year before;

all new TypeNeu »
which resemble both R&R and Mike Young quite a bit. 3 years ago all new portfolios was built in Flash. Now it is Wordpress, Java and CSS trickery that gets you laid....the evolution the evolution...

Keetra Dean Dixon tastes as good as Ben&Jerrys Bohemian Raspberry »

Here we go again :) OFFF 09 Lisbon, Paula Scheer, S. Sagmeista, Hillman Curtis, Kyle Cooper. Fail Gracefully, May 7-10 . See you there »


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