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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Muha ha ha...another sunny day, energy level like a spring morning, after messing around with a scary rock chick all night.

#118- “It’s amazing how well you interpreted the brief. This piece is exactly what we wanted, you could not have made it any better, I love it. But I also think it’s too good. This is for a bigger client, a more international one. We’re not like that. See if you can do something shittier that we can use.”

#116- “Can’t you make that dog smile? Don’t you have a smile filter on this expensive machine?”

#121- “Please, I need the photos in .ai”

#107- “You write to him. Tell him I’m not here.”
(Agency, Designer, asking another one to reply to a client on the MSN Messenger)

Gotta love AdVerbatism to pieces »


Blogger Joakim said...

#094- “Will a Mexican agency know what an FTP is?”
(Client, Marketing Manager)

Haha OMG! Thanks for this link Eric! So many people that shouldn´t work with what they do :-)

Anonymous Magnus said...

That 116 is pure comedy gold!


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