Recess /Roman holiday in the sun (** mmmm **)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Right! We're going to Spain n'til christmas. Poonboy is up for the usuals - chablis, wake, beach, paella, surf and our absolute favourite show Hope it turns out a little more stylish than this, but thats what you get when messing with Free Willy in a tiny container!

So no posting from me the next 3 weeks, hopefully +spn will drop a few, but I wouldn't put money on that lazy binner. The Style Press and Notcot will take good care of you.

Oh, and thank you Communication Arts :)!!! (November Design Annual)

Chris Natrop is more than welcome to decorate my livingroom.

Cuidado de la toma mis amigos y nerds de la computadora!


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