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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

For some reason I just stumbled across this site and found these lovely illustrations. If they were on massive canvases they would go straight up on my livingroom wall. The colours and the it! It is not too much too see here yet, she is a student mind you, but the stuff thats going on is really promising. Way to go girl!

Furlelunda »

Alberto Cerriteño is certainly not a student, but the fun and joy never graduated. Amazing work hombre.

Alberto on flickr »
Alberto's interweb presence »

You go and admire this while I try to figure out why that pale monster on the right is displaying double, genEric atmosphEric


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, that girls work is promising. Is it the doll on the pictures maybe? I miss those student days just mocking around making whatever you wanted to.

You never heard anyone one your course telling you youre good, but deep inside you knew youre on top of it. good times

Lady lay

Anonymous Ank said...


Jeg ble helt tomat når jeg så dette. Tusen takk!

ps. om du fortsatt vil ha de på veggen; send meg en mail :-)


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