Drunk as a Lord, hammered like a sow

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chaucer has "dronke ... as a Mous" (c.1386); and, my personal favorite, from 1709, is, "He's as Drunk as a Wheelbarrow." Medieval folklore distinguished four successive stages of drunkenness, based on the animals they made men resemble: sheep, lion, ape, sow. Anyhuuw - these 3 xqisité examples of packaging can easily trick you into a state where your physical and mental faculties are impaired, OR are they simply so chic that you dont even wanna open the bottles?

Look at the colar on that lil gin beauty. Creds missing on the other 2, help me out!

Flow design has a sick folio, che-che-che check it out»


Anonymous information on dyshidrosis said...

I don't drink, but the Trillium bottle is BEAUTIFUL!!! Great design.

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