Aki Hakan Celebi Photography ( *** smashing ***)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Slickety slick presentation, and the carefully chosen music sets the mood perfectly.

Aki Hakan Celebi Photography »


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Summer vacation 2008 - time to excess

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Right, no posting for a while, I am staying a long long way away from computers until August. See you back then for regular updates on the «it»scene. Thanks a lot for all the nice mails and the amazing traffic this site has received. I love you all, now go swim in the ocean and buy your girlfriend an icecream. Portugal next!

This is the summer of excess and you know it:

F »
R »
O »
Z »
E »
N »
T »
O »
Y »

R »
O »
C »
K »
S »

and » you » know »
it » fo » sho »

Fuck me - that Lulu is a little nazty sexy chica »


Anonymous Mats said...

Hey Eric, have you seen this site: http://www.notcot.org? That should be right up your alley..

Onkel reisende Mats

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