Esra Røise, HeyOkay, Sigur Ros, Vidal Sassoon

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First of all - thank you all for all the brilliant international applications for our Senior Designer/Interactive AD position over at Finally! I am speechless..and I cant wait to start working with you guys.

Norway is in the centre of the universe, just ask Esra Røise »
Ha ha Fatboy gets stung by nurses over at the lovely Hey Okey »
Snazzy site from Vidal Sassoon »

Its summer so let them Games begin »

You should watch the new Sigur Ros video - Gobledigook or just search for it on Youtube. (They delete it every 15 minutes cause copyright issues, but then another one just pops up.)

Album of the year so far 2008 - M83 - Saturdays = Youth. Towering and Preeminent stuff.


Anonymous Ole Martin Kristiansen said...

Hei! Sett igjennom både porteføljen og bloggen din. Imponerende mye tøft. Du er veldig dyktig! Forhåpentligvis ender jeg opp i APT eller et lignende byrå når jeg er ferdig med studiene.

Stå på!

Blogger frozentoy said...

{ ^ __ ~ ) Takker og bukker!

Selvfølgelig gjør du det... du kan jobbe hvor i verden du vil bare du gunner på nok. Designteori (BAchelor) og presentasjonsteknikk er vel det som har hjulpet meg mest i jobbsituasjon vil jeg si. Gi gass mr. Kristiansen!

Anonymous joakim said...

damn right about m83!
graveyard girl, song of the year so far.

but the swedish band, pascal might be better. can't make up my mind yet. check out galgberget! raw

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Hookedonwalls ( *** Splendid *** )

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beautiful art direction, coding and IA. By the mighty Group94. Ahh.. the transitions on this one. Glamourous pasts vandalized walls. Wallpapers for an excentric lifestyle. Gorgeous! This is noted as my favourite this year along with the explosion of positivity over at Behance.

Hooked on walls »

Simen says : Pure jap madness here »
Midget headslide »


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Made by the fab Group94.... frickin MINT!!!!

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Mike Campau, Son of Tam and Cosavisuales

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


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Dvein reel at the FWA theater

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Moohaaa haaa haaa... once to the Dvein reel at the superslick FWAtheater (built by Fantasy Interactive or FI these days)

Dvein over at the FWATheater »
Hei og god dag Anna fra Gausdal :) »

Frozentoy is featured in the new Neo2 magazine
Thanks a lot guys!!!

Holy crap! Music in a bottle » and you know....LOTD »

Ha ha Flying RC Penis Disrupts Garry Kasparov Speech »

Brad Surcey - zeusjones

Monday, May 19, 2008


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Level Vodka xprmntl drinks ( *** top notch *** )

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fancy a Level Martine Cucumber + Montrachet Tarts or maybe a TooHot Tohoot with yellowtail Sashimi. Add some minced meat and some garlic and make a night out of it. Superproper productshots and newschool wildstyle drinks. Go Level Vodka.

Levelvodka »


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Trieste Visier Sk8Budgies and more cuties

Thursday, May 15, 2008

AAAaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww.........visit Kooky Monster, Willow, Dominions and the rest of the Budgie crew over at Flickr. (Via Digitalgrounder)

Trieste Visier Sk8Budgies »

Oh, yeah when we are talking cute »

Subtype, shithotsitebytheway (*****)

Subtype at Flickr »
Un.titled / Design & Art Direction »

Hilman Curtis says his got a new feature film up and running »


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Lisa Black, Dvein and Cosmicsoda

Back from OFFF with a vengance. What a smashing week! Ill skip Cambodia and Vietnam altogether this summer and doing another 3 weeks in Portugal. Obrigado all! Ill post some pictures and some words from the festival shortly.

I know your eyes are all peeled to Behance and I am not taking you elsewhere at first:

Lisa Black's comp work is rocking »
Holy Crap! Drippin [sic] motion work from Dvein »
The t-shirt pusher Cosmic Soda got a nice site »
Tired of all the swish swosh and talking video man intros at the FWA?
You should visit Linkoftheday »
Nikkis blog speaks for itself »
Nando Costas new joint »


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2 x Senior Designers (interactive) wanted badly!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A small update (more to come) at frozentoy dot com »

More important - Apt is looking for 2 Senior Designers and one Senior Flashdeveloper to join us at our offices in Oslo, Norway. You have a portfolio that looks like Jennifer Connely and you have a deep and profound love for your work.

You behave like Sean Connery in Bond, and have a positive attitude towards life and business. Come join us making sparkling interactive work during daytime and drink chablis and BBQ at nightime. Date norwegian girls and live in the best country in the world (YES, all true!) We will of course help out finding a place to live and sort out all the paperwork.

Full descriptions here, APPLY NOW! »

We are going to OFFF Lisbon for a week now! See you there....
Frozentoy dot com - Graphic Designer Eric Lauritzen »


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